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spark SCCG17
Courage C60, Pescarolo No.17, Le Mans 2003
Jean Christophe Boullion (F) F. Lagorce (F) S. Sarrazin (F)
Spark, 1:43
Spark SCCG17
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spark SCCG09
COURAGE C60, Peugeot, Pescarolo, No.17, 13th Le Mans 2001
Jean Christophe Boullion (F) Sebastien Bourdais (F) Laurent Redon (F)
Spark, 1:43
Spark SCCG09
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spark SCYD04
Reynard 2KQ, Volkswagen, Telefonica, No.34, Le Mans 2000
Jean Christophe Boullion (F) Jerome Policand (F) Jordi Gene (E)
Spark, 1:43
Spark SCYD04
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spark SCCG15
Courage, Peugeot, Pescarolo, No.17, 10th Le Mans 2002
Sebastien Bourdais (F) Jean Christophe Boullion (F) Frank Lagorce (F)
Spark, 1:43
Spark SCCG15
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