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spark S1313
Abarth 1300 OT, No.64 Le Mans 16th 1967
Martin Mesange
Spark, 1:43
Spark S1313
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spark S1183
AC Cobra 289, No.64 Le Mans 18th 1964
Fraissinet Mortemart
Spark, 1:43
Spark S1183
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spark S2401
Corvette C6 R, No.64 Le Mans 5th 2005 winner LMGT1 Class
Gavin Beretta Magnussen
Spark, 1:24
Spark S2401
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spark S0172
Corvette, C6R, No.64, 5th Overall Winner GTI Class 2005
O. Gavin O. Beretta J. Magnussen
Spark, 1:43
Spark S0172
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spark S0174
Corvette C6R, No.64, 4th LM 2006 1st LMGT1 Class
O. Gavub O. Beretta J. Magnussen
Spark, 1:43
Spark S0174
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spark S0179
Corvette C6-R, No.64, Le Mans 2007
O. Beretta O. Gavin M. Papis
Spark, 1:43
Spark S0179
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spark S1529
Corvette C6.R Corvette Racing, No.64 Le Mans 2009
Gavin Beretta Fassler
Spark, 1:43
Spark S1529
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spark S2580
Corvette C6 ZR1 Corvette Racing, No.64 Le Mans 2010
Gavin Beretta Collard
Spark, 1:43
Spark S2580
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spark SCWR17
WR Mazda, No.64, Petit Le Mans 2003
Yojiro Terada Jim Downing Howard Katz
Spark, 1:43
Spark SCWR17
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