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ixo LMC144
Venturi 600 LM #30, Le Mans 1994
B.Chauvin H.Poulain J L.M.Laribiere
IXO, 1:43
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spark SCYD11
Reynard 2KQ, Noel Del Bello, No.29, Le Mans 2003
Didier Andre (F) Jean Luc Maury Laribiere (F) Christophe Pillon (CH)
Spark, 1:43
Spark SCYD11
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spark S0324
Kremer, K8 TBF, No.6, Le Mans 1997
G. Lavaggi J.L. Maury Laribiere B. Chauvin
Spark, 1:43
Spark S0324
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spark S0053
Reynard, Lehmann, No.29, Le Mans 2004
LIMITED: 750 pcs.
J.L. Maury Laribiere (F) S. Boulay (F) B. Besson (F)
Spark, 1:43
Spark S0053
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minichamps 530164325
McLaren F1 GTR #25 BBA Competition FIA GT 1997 ´Tuiles TBF´
Laribiere Petit
Minichamps, 1:43
Minichamps 530164325
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minichamps 530154342
McLaren F1 GTR #42 BBA Competition 13th Le Mans 1995 ´Yacco/TBF´
Laribiere Sourd Poulan
Minichamps, 1:43
Minichamps 530154342
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minichamps 430986768
PORSCHE 911 GT2 Le Mans 1998
Maury Laribiere Graham Poulain
Minichamps, 1:43
Minichamps 430986768
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minichamps 430006978
PORSCHE 911 GT3 R Le Mans 24 hrs. 2000
LIMITED: 1344 pcs.
Minichamps, 1:43
Minichamps 430006978
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